Press Preview, part 1

Along with (presumably) a lot of other youtubers, magazines, gaming websites, etc. I got a preview copy of Civilization VI as well. And I sincerely thank 2K Nederland for that!
Some pointers to this press preview copy:

  • It has 10 leaders out of the 20 in the final game;
  • It has only 3 map types;
  • Only one difficulty (Prince) is available;
  • Three out of six map types are included for me to choose.

For two main reasons I will not be doing a series of Let’s Plays. First, there will be so much content out there now that the embargo has lifted, that my unknown little channel will not contribute to that. Secondly I’m not confident enough that I can actually entertain you for such a prolonged amount of time :-)

So, I’m sticking with short video’s explaining different parts of the game. And the first one goes through the game options and the options the press preview has to start a new game.
Having said all that. Here is to enjoy the first video:

Thanks for watching!
Bye bye for now.