I just had the chance to play Civilization VI on the show floor of GamesCom. While being a limited build I saw a few new things that I haven't seen mentioned before.

But first let me mention the limits to the build:

  • 60 turns maximum or half an hour playtime
  • Only Chinese are payable
  • Only Prince difficulty
  • Only quick speed
  • Only tiny map

Another thing was they showed an advanced start button, but wasn't working on this build.

New stuff

The first thing I noticed was that they now started showing recommended improvements for tiles. While still rudimentary (it showed great wall at nearly every border tile and pasture without me having the tech for it), it is good to see these back.

Another thing (and I'm bummed I wasn't allowed to take pictures) is that unit promotions now are shown in a proper tree. You can see what lies ahead and what the requirements are. I saw this on a scout. That had three levels of promotions. First two levels each had two promotions, third level had one. So that makes it to 5 possible promotions for the scout unit.
Other units in general have four levels, accounting to 7 possible promotions.

Lastly the dashed borders are indeed an indication on open borders or not. It makes that immediately visible on the map, which is handy.

That's it for now.